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June 21, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Do not allow anything or anyone remove you from My Peace over your life! There are always many voices all around attempting to give you advice, but I say to you if peace does not enter your spirit, walk in caution. My Spirit is your Comforter in all things. Draw upon Me when you are spun around with worry and confusion. I will see you through to victory.

As you draw closer, you will feel My presence in new and tangible ways. You have heard of other people having real encounters with Me and it is time for you to realize that I desire to give you those same experiences. I am not God reserved for some, but I have come for all of Mankind. Keep pressing in for More and you will indeed find Me there. What seems unwritten in your path will suddenly be written. You days are like sand and sand is movable to match the New Thing I am doing for you.”

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