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June 11, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Understand that I have placed a treasure of gifts inside of you from the womb. It is through the Holy Spirit, that these gifts awaken through My Power and Might. Man toils trying to use his God given talents for his own purposes and in his own strength. Abandon yourself to Me and let Me have full access to My Treasure within you. Will you regret such a transaction?

Did I not say that the evidence of receiving the Holy Spirit was the manifestation of speaking in tongues? Did I tell you not to quench the Holy Spirit? Tongues is the gift for your spirit as it edifies You and builds you up from the inside out. Your spirit and My Spirit become one and aligned. What you pray manifests suddenly when you are aligned perfectly to My Will and Desires. Forsake your religious mind that would tell you otherwise and contrary to My Word. What you ask, seek, and knock for is what you will behold.”


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