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July 7, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “It is time for My people to decide to dig deep into the meat of My Word and stop being content with the milk. I desire for all to receive the fullness of what My Word was written to reveal to their spirits. In the Beginning was the Word! Too many are satisfied with the bare scratching that happens through flipping a page. No, My Beloved.You were born for mind blowing experiences, in body and out of body. Your spirit knows how to do and be what it is created to do and be.

You have the Holy Spirit inside of you, and all revelation is yours for the taking. Come to My well with a pure heart with all opinions and religious mindsets cast aside. I will teach you what My Word actually says. No longer will you be led astray into thinking wrong theology nor be left without perfect guidance for every area you encounter. I do not desire for My people to be ignorant. Knowledge is Power! Walk in My Truth and be wise in all matters.”


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