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July 5, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Get ready and Stand Firm with Expectation upon your Lips. The days of Suddenly are meeting you right where you are. My Rains are filling the soil and creating a fertile ground upon which your seeds will be cast. The harvest that would not produce will now be multiplied. What you toiled at will be made smooth and easier. My Goodness is resting over you. You are not denied. Forget what fell short.

Your vantage point is shifting. I am bringing people to your aid. People who offer a variety of blessings to you. Be open to the ways that Love will find you. Your heart matters, and I am healing even the darkest parts. I am setting you free of what has had you bound. Nothing is beyond My watchful Eye. You are coming out of the barrenness.You are moving into My fullness in your being. Cast aside the desire to form doubt. What you believe I will do shapes a force over you that will not be denied.”


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