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July 4, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Many questions, in your mind, will find answers in the new season. I have promised never to leave you without answers. Ask, Seek, and Knock and in My perfect timing, you will understand the points that you have wondered earnestly about. I Love you so dearly. You are My Chosen and Beloved. My Goodness and Favor fall upon you. My Kingdom is yours. Many struggle by pushing and pulling. Just come before Me. No other effort is required.

Dance with Me in this hour. What seems like it is crumbling away is merely allowing the truth to be seen. The brilliance of the diamond comes from the cutting away and polishing. Your life is getting an upgrade and makeover. What you believed was worthless, is going to become the most precious aspects in your life. What was going wrong is getting My Hand over the situation and the turnaround is yours for the taking. Run forward holding no fear and doubt. The enemy is looking for those weak in their thoughts. Rise up and allow the warrior in you to Roar.”


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