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July 2, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Today I pour fresh oil over your life. Oil that will bring healing, strength, and glory. The wine in the New Wine skins is about to come forth in your life. It has been allowed to ferment over this last season. Get ready, for I am bringing fresh purpose and calling to your life this very day. Many have been found wandering to and fro unable to find their way. They have lost their sparkle to the rags of the world. What you seek will not satisfy apart from My Kingdom.

Forget the former for what is past is past. It is over with and cannot be resurrected unless you choose to let it run around in your mind. None of that will profit you. Instead Grab a hold of the New that I breathe over the purpose I have called you to in your walk with Me. You must choose to walk with Me. Be wise in all areas with great discernment. Many believe they are discerning, but they are doing so in the wrong mindset. A maturing eye is coming to your understanding with wisdom beyond your years.”


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