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January 7, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “The enemy desires to fill your head full of lies about anything and everything. You must guard your heart and mind. Renew yourself daily into My Truth. Do not allow him to turn you against your brothers and sisters, family, and friends alike. One small seed planted and watered, from the enemy, can take out all of the righteousness growing in your life. You are conquerors and the enemy has no new tricks up his sleeves. He counts on you falling for the same tricks wrapped in new packaging.

Resist a mind of offense and bitterness. I have promised to set the crooked paths straight and restore what was lost unto you. Release the debts owed to you. I will deal the the crimes and wounds against your soul. Keep your hands clean in your daily dealings and your mind focused on the beauty all around you. I will vindicate and make anew all of the broken areas. Just wait on Me!”


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