• MaryEllen McCloud

January 6, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “In My Presence is where the magic happens. Apart from Me you can do nothing of eternal value. Rest in knowing that I have your hand each step of the way. You cannot always push your way through to the next place in life. I will not let you get too far ahead of My Plans lest you fall into the snare of the enemy. You are not denied and at the right moment, I will give you what no one can steal from you.

The winds of change are blowing mightily in this hour. What is not good for you is being removed and with that, what I desire in your life is coming forth. Do not despise change, My Child. The days of stagnation are leaving and what is left will bloom into a beautiful garden. One cannot do the new in the Kingdom through old methods and ways. Take up this season with a renewed Mind and Heart.”