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January 4, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Small beginnings will bring in the unprecedented Overflow this season. Many are judging their path and progress based upon what they see others doing. Understand that some of those people are not in alignment with My Plans and merely doing what they believe I want them to do. When you are out of My order, what you put your hands to will not plant My seeds for a healthy harvest. Do things in My Timing and you will soar higher than any mountain. Many have not stopped long enough to notice that My Spirit is not in what they are doing.

I Am the Master Chess Player. I have positioned you at this post in time because you are needed in this assignment. You possess the keys of My Kingdom to have authority here, not over there. Stay where I have called you and you will gain what is required to go to the next promotion. Show responsibility with great care in the smaller and the larger will be handed to you. A stone was used against Goliath not an army with great weapons. You are no small person in My movements over this world. I will do great and mighty exploits through you, if you will only believe. You have what you need right where you are to accomplish your call in this moment.”

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