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January 30, 201 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “The Sun rises every day on time. I have not forgotten the promises that you have counted on Me to fulfill and I will be on time as well. I may just send your brother or sister in to bring that into your world. I desire to bring you into a closer knit bond with those in My Kingdom. Many have walked away due to hurt feelings, but I can redeem even those moments of missteps. You will come through to the other side. I have much waiting for you there. Do not quit and you will see the blessing.

The enemy will tell you to cut your losses before you will get a chance to see My Glory in and through your situation. Resist a rash decision and come ask Me first. By the still brook will I tend to your heart and mind. I can do amazing exploits with those who are fully yielded unto Me. I am not finished with you and even the most challenging of issues can become Gold through My Hands. Rush to My Arms. Nothing will ever be the same.”


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