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January 3, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says. “You are loved at the worst of your moments as you are at the best of your moments. Release the self-condemnation for it does not serve My Kingdom. It will block your path. Reject the enemy’s words in your heart and mind. This world will pass away. Your sins are paid for. Rise up and move forward. I will heal your lands. I will set you upon a seat of righteousness. Allow Me to finish the good work that I am doing on your inner man. I have not asked you to clean up yourself before you come to Me.

I know what you do in secret when no prying eyes are watching. Humility is not a weakness. Being authentic will help you avoid walking in the wrong spirit. No one has arrived to perfection so forgive when you fall short. I have not called you to the idea of unrealistic expectations for yourself or others. You will let others down just as they have done in turn. Take on My mind so that you can see the Gold inside of yourself and others. This is where I am doing a new work. The Changing of the Guards has begun. Stand in Expectation of Great Change Ahead!”

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