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January 27, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “The Immovable Wall has been taken care of. The Deep Chasm has been filled in. You have wondered for a long time why you could not convey your heart so that others would understand. Instead the communication was blocked despite your best efforts. I am sending your voice back out and this time there will be no missing of the target or intent. I am making old roads new again. Areas that were not friendly will shift to be inviting once more. Trust the process for I am doing a new thing in you and them alike.

Those who could not hear your message will receive it by My Power and Direction. I will not let your words fall to the ground this time. You will see relationships be joined back together even after decades of distance. In an instant, old wounds will become whole and healed. I am you Father and I love you so. Nothing have I missed during your comings and goings. Rest for I have prepared every detail. Soon you will be departing into the vastness of this season. Your life will forever be changed in a mere moment.”


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