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January 25, 2021 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “The Latter rains are falling over you this day. I am bringing the refreshing waters of My Spirit. Restoration is your portion this hour. Many look to negative reports to live their lives by, but I say to you I Am restoring My Bride; binding up her wounds; and healing her soul in this NOW moment. Many are afraid to reach out with full Faith and Hope for total and complete healing. I died to give you everything. I will leave nothing off of the table that I so freely give to you.

Many are like the man at the pool of Bethesda. Too busy looking at the problem to even notice that I am standing there ready to heal them. Bitterness and complaining will block your healing. I may ask you to walk a certain path to receive your healing. Do not lock the options out based on your opinions. I have a road that may seem off the beaten path and yet it is exactly where you will meet Me. The Small and the Grand are all by My Hand. Allow Me to decide the way. You just get ready to follow.”

~Blessings MaryEllen McCloud Replenished Hope 


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