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January 25, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Sometimes you must fight against the current and other times, just go with the flow. There are times that others are telling you to go along into wrong directions, so see through this. When I tell you to go along with what I am up to then you are surely being carried by My Love and Grace. People out of My alignment cannot give you directions that are helpful in truth. Use discernment into their motives. Be wise as to the dangers ahead in each choice. Not everything should be avoided just because it seems uncomfortable. You cannot reach your greatest potential taking the easy route.

Many have followed bad religious teachings since their youth. I am removing the blindfold and raising up a New Breed of Leaders who carry My Truth from the Throne Room. The Pharisees did not want to believe they had it all wrong. It spoke to their pride and reputation. Do not allow foolishness to block your advancement. I will ask you to discard some beliefs. I am establishing a New River before you. Allow Me to fill you up with Fresh manna and revelation. It is time to dive deeper.”


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