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January 22, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Today I have you on the Hill above the City. You have My vantage point and instructions for what is to come next. You will walk this out for your spirit already knows what to do with precision. The road of life does not have to be difficult or hard in reality. Gain My Vantage point in all things, and you will see all that has come against you be turned into beauty. I will not relent until you witness My Goodness over these matters.

If you are in disbelief just look around you once more. Have I not already done so many times before? Reach out your hands for Today I will do it again just for you! I even challenge you to find something that you think is impossible for me to turnaround and place it before Me. I know what you will bring and your answer has already been sent. I have emptied your hands from years of disappointments so that you can receive what I am doing in this hour. Embrace what I am sending you to and release what I am taking you from.”

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