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January 21, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “There is so much that I desire to do in and through you. Only you can say yes or no. When you are in doubt that I will use you, just look into My Eyes. I am saying yes and amen. You can go as far as you desire to go. I will not send you out with no resources or preparation. Do not give up during the process. The process is what makes a person. There are integral steps that must be traveled through. Trying to skip ahead will cause areas of weakness to develop that affect the strength required to carry what I have for you.

Do not forsake your teachings. They will guide you in what is to come. Not everything you learn today is for today. Remember so that you will know what to do when the time comes. You are not alone or expected to do it without Me. I am standing right beside you, not far off looking at something more interesting. You have My Attention and Gaze always! I created you to have communion with Me forever! You are coming out of what you have been traveling through.”


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