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January 20, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “I am renewing the covenant that was made with your ancestors. You have been faithful in more than you have given yourself credit for. I am calling you to rise above petty judgments with your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. All of mankind has fallen short and no one has arrived better than another. If you want to know what the log is in your own eye, allow Me to cast some Light upon that matter. You cannot work together if you are too busy picking each other apart. You are being called up higher so that you can see clearly who is really against you and who is just walking in immaturity.

I am doing a work in each one, and if you are further along in your journey then celebrate both where you are and where another is as well. There is no need to compare each person’s process. Help each other along, for you are better working together unified in strength while covering each other’s weaknesses in the Blood. It is not a commandment to cast the first stone. Be at ease in Love. The New is upon you, so walk away from old patterns that lead nowhere.”

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