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January 18, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Even in your tomorrow, you will notice a sharp change in clarity and the surroundings shaping into something completely new. Many will look at what is to come with trepidation. I will never ask you to have fear about anything. Follow My Voice and you will walk on water just as easily as walking on fire. You will not get harmed in the least. Why would I send you just to be a detriment? Trust that I know what you are capable of even when you doubt every aspect of your identity.

The atmosphere is moving at speeds never witness before. Be still! I do not want you to think you are to stop what is taking place or wonder if it is good or bad. I have set the winds to blow until the waste has been removed. What withstands this process will allow for you to go forth without extra baggage weighing you down. The land that you will occupy is healthy fertile soil. My Rains have provided the last piece and now all has been finished. The New Day and New Dawn is before you! Walk in My Fullness.”

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