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January 17, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Even on days that you struggle to catch your breath, I am not letting you get ahead of My plans. The way has been fully made open and ready. My Angels are ensuring a smooth transition. Forget the former. This will no longer be your portion. What did not produce in your hands will work effortlessly now. What you became frustrated to get out of your inner being will flow straight from My Throne room into the lost and dying world. Release how you think your days should take shape. I have many surprises ahead that I do not want you to miss.

You have not fallen off track. It was by My Hand that you were held back until the NOW moment that you are approaching. Release the desire to be disappointed in past performances. I am not grading you on what you fell short on. I know the difference between what you are capable on your own and what you are able through Me. Cinch up your Belt, we are moving forward. New Roads are forming before your feet.”


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