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January 16, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Taste and See, Watch and Know! The clock has struck 12. Time is here. Years of mysteries are being uncovered right this moment. Where you could not see nor believe what I am doing, is coming into clear focus. Just as the camera lens moves in and out to find the best accurate and precise image, so is this for your life. You will love what you are about to see. Cast aside your own failings for I am not grading you on the human scale of perfection.

Take off the robes of shame and punishment. I have not banished you to the outskirts of My Love and Glory. I am not about to scold you about anything. Come closer! I am handing you a New Crown of Righteousness for our covenant has been renewed and fortified. You are wearing My finest of garments of praise. Keep your eyes looking forward for I am taking you quickly to the next season with little stopping in between.”


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