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January 14, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Where the religious minds look to limit all that you do and say, I am seeking to expand you to a world you have not even considered yet. Their opinions will never cease but know that they have not even sought My Face before they dared to speak against you. It does not matter who is against you for I Am the final Voice and Say in your life. Release the emotions built out of the flesh. You must be guided by My Spirit always.

I will not allow My true servants to be silenced, so carry on under My Umbrella of Protection. Even well meaning people can be greatly misguided to be against you. I will sort out your path and remove what is not helpful to your journey. Keep your heart from pride and you will hear My Voice clearly. I will adjust your steps each and every day. Do not worry for I will tell you the truth always. I call you friend and walk with you through all circumstances. You carry My presence. Do not forsake My teachings.”


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