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January 13, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Many have gone about life not fully realizing that they stopped inviting Me into their life. They assumed the door was open, but in reality they have walked off to their own ways little by little. But there is no real distance in time or space. Just turn around and you will find Me there with open arms. I long to pour out My Love to you. I long to spend time talking about your day and dreams that seem impossible.

I Am not an angry God looking to bestow wrath upon mankind. Nothing separates you, for the Cross finished and tore the veil that kept you out of My presence. You do not need to do some religious act to get My Attention. My gaze never leaves you. The simplest and most humble of prayers carry more weight than long winded rehearsed prayers. You are not trying to impress Me, but rather I am hearing your heart. You are not being tested to prove yourself worthy to be My Royal Son or Daughter. Be at ease. I Love you because I created you and never in a moment have a regretted you as My Child!”


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