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January 12, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Listen! Can you hear All of Heaven singing over you? Listen again! I have tied a red bow around you. I have made you into the Gift of all Gifts. You are a Blessing. My Blessing. I am making a Grand Presentation where I will reveal My Gifts to the world. Did you hear Me? You are being Honored in Heaven and on the Earth. Decide to run towards what I am doing in and for you. Forsake the lesser paths for they all lead to destruction.

I have given you a new Staff of Authority. Where you could not walk before, you will now experience as a norm. What would not yield will come into order before you. Walk in wisdom. If you lack anything just ask Me for what you require more of. I will answer you! Your portion is My Greatest Joy to grow and develop deep on the inside of and all around you. Do not look down. I want you to look up for that is where your strength and deliverance is coming from. Embrace My Goodness over all.”


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