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January 11, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “The gravitational pull that emanates from your inner spirit is being upgraded to a whole new power. Just as a magnet attracts so too will you attract with a Fresh frequency from Heaven. And in this season, I want you to also notice the power you not have to repel what is not good in your life. Just as you turn the magnet over, the objects will move away. You have a choice in this. Choose wisely.

I am establishing a new covenant among those true to Me. I am bringing back to the Earth realm what was removed for a period of time in mankind’s history. I see a hungry people before Me who are sold out to My ways and Kingdom. You will be the generation that sees and walks in gifts that have not been in the Earth realm for many centuries. What was thought to be lost for good is getting a makeover and increase for My Glory and Honor. Those eager to take up these mantles will walk in what I lay over their life.”


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