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January 1, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “I Am whispering to you in this hour. Spend time in My Presence to unlock today’s favor. My Kingdom is already here! Many are looking to being in Heaven for the sure notion that you will no longer need anything. My Beloved, it is My Love for you and My Good Pleasure to meet all that you are lacking right now. I did not do away with what seems less than, but rather I Am turning the dead things inside of you into Life More Abundantly.

Your lack will strengthen our relationship if you allow it to. You see, through My daily interactions and deliverance you will come to understand who I Am on a level that you would not see before. Even on the days and nights that you doubt if I care, it is the breakthrough that brings you closer and trust for the next days provisions. If you did not see My Power and Authority being demonstrated around you, then would I be the King of Kings in your eyes? Do not allow moments of being helpless deter you from walking in a full and beautiful relationship with Me. I am not finished taking you to the reaches of all that I have done for you. Never will there be a day when I Am finished either!”

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