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February 9, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “You are coming out of everything that has kept you down and bound. Look up and not give attention to the enemy’s tricks. He is a defeated foe. No sense at shouting at the darkness for it will always choose to avoid the light. You were made for more so get ready for I am bringing an overflow never seen before. My People have awaken to see beyond the noise and be watchers of My Voice moving over the waters and over the land.

I am not finished with My plans for mankind. Man believes that he knows when the end will come, but I Am the Author; I Am the Alpha and I Am the Omega. Forsake the lies and be My willing vessels, for I have great plans still ready to unfold. I desire that even your greatest enemy come into My Kingdom. Be part of My Kingdom in all ways. Release the human tendency to be selfish in this hour. I will use you, so be ready in season and out of season.”


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