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February 7, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “The days are filled with options and choices. I will help you in all of your struggles. Your freedom is much closer than you can imagine. There will come a time where you are no longer drawn to the wrong things and can easily jump over the traps in the moment. Decide to walk in the Light in all of your dealings. It begins in the mind and will blossom from there. I know who are really My disciples and who are just going through the motions. Who do you say that you are?

I have spoken great things over your life. I have amazing exploits that I desire to do in and through you. Do not give in to the lies circling around. You have access to all that I have right now. Take up your calling and destiny. RUN to the abundance of My Goodness and Glory. I hold you in high esteem as My Royal Sons and Daughters. You are invaluable to Me. Never forget this truth! You are riding on waves taking you into the next.”


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