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February 29, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “I move over the Land, Sea, and Air at My Good Pleasure. If you want to move with My Spirit, then you must expect the unexpected with full anticipation. I am not guiding your life in the same manner I am for another. Hold out your empty hands for I intend to give you an overflow that you cannot contain. Do not despise what I do for another. Human mindsets seek only to have more than others, but what looks like less is far greater with Me behind it. Small beginnings will be magnified in My House!

I am not finished with you yet so why would you think this is all your life will ever be? What you are doing today will pave the way for the explosion happening in and through you. If I did not give you a shortcut then there is a better blessing in walking each step out. I am not punishing you, I am giving you the abundance of My Kingdom. What you cannot see clearly just requires your full faith and trust in Me. You have a choice to enjoy the journey or resent every second. Attitude is a vital key in the Becoming of who you truly are.”


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