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February 28, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Today will be the first of many! You are about to find that your experiences of Favor will be the first of its kind. I am not a boring God nor do I just copy what I have done in the past. I desire to do a New Thing, and you are going to understand this on a level that escapes you at this moment. Too many are looking for how things used to be. I say, get excited for how things will be!

When you look for what I might do, in what I have already done, you will judge what comes as not being from My Throne. Does that seem to make any sense in reality? When you do this, the attempt is to place My abilities in a box and predict how I will come through for you. You will surely miss My Glory and Miraculous Supernatural Power over your life. People reject what seems foreign to them. Do not let that be true of you.”


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