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February 27, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Allow Me to put fresh flowers in your garden guaranteed to stop the weeds of the enemy to infiltrate your life. What you permit to take root will be for your good or demise. Many look long enough to notice plants growing but fail to notice which types. The gateways you think will not hurt you is a deception that may be your undoing. Consider carefully in what you partake in. The fruit it bears is unmistakable.

I am setting up Signs and Wonders for My People that have never been seen before. Will you accept My Movements or reject the New that I have for you? I have better for you than what you have already been given. You must decide fully if you will stay where you or go to the heights and depths that I designed your life to witness to. It is time to stop dragging the feet in all that you do. Run with what I have given you a portion of. You will never regret a life abandoned unto Me!”


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