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February 26, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “I am removing old assignments that you felt were not completed. Do not worry about what will come of that for I will take it from here. You are being called to New assignments. Many are so comfortable in the past that they will turn down what I present right before them. You must understand that My Glory and Your Blessings are in the New not the Old! Release the expectation of what you consider success. You are looking at the end product in this moment, but I see what will come down the road when your eyes no longer can see in the distance. I know how things truly turn out. Believe that I will finish the good work you sent forth even when you are called on.

I am not in prior Movements of My Spirit. Those have come to an end of a cycle and NOW is where I am moving over the Earth. New Songs from My Throne Room are filling the Air with a Sweet Fragrance that will break the darkness in this time and space. Do you not see that New Weapons and Strategies must be utilized and that the same old ways will not continue on with benefits? I will not leave you without My Voice and Direction. Trust where I lead you!”


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