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February 25, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “What has come against you is refining you. I will make you, through all that is around you. Even right now, you would handle that same situation differently than in the past. Do not dismiss how much you have grown. I am proud of you! I am a Proud Heavenly Father. I will force even your enemies to hear Me brag over you. I have you right where you are, for the path is changing before your eyes. Take a look around once more. Your eyes are coming into the new vision and perspective in the coming months.

Take notice! I have a pencil in My hand right now. What is before you is going to be shifting with your input. What do you Desire to happen over the next few weeks and months? The plans are not written in stone. I can erase and draw a new scenery at any point. I will allow you to have say into what I draw out before My Throne. Come sit with Me. I want to hear your heart. You are important and pivotal in My plans for all of mankind!”


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