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February 24, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “I found you where you were. I did not ask you to become something else in order for Me to accept you. Consider that this is how I see all of mankind. Rejoice that Salvation is a free gift. Rejoice in that you will never be the same from when we first met. Each day brings a New Dawn and a rebirth in who you are becoming. I am taking you from glory to glory. Embrace who you are becoming for this is a glorious day worthy of celebration. The Kingdom is yours.

I will finish what I have started in you. I will take you to the beginning of My glory upon which there is no end to. Feel My Love and Arms around you in this hour. Take the time daily to receive My Goodness passing before you. You are much more than you believe, and I will show you piece by piece just how special you are to Me. I will not go forward without your Hand in My Hand. Change in the Wind!”

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