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February 23, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Hear the Thunder in the distance. The lightning is breaking through the atmosphere cleaning out what is not part of this journey. You must let go of things that are not profiting your soul and spirit. You cannot be in fellowship with everyone and some will just waste your time if you allow it. You will find clarity and peace as you release. What was hidden will soon be revealed. Look closely so that you do not miss what is before you.

I am revealing the motives of others around you. Some you believed were for you, but I will show you their true heart. I am cutting away with a clean swipe of My Sword to remove who will ultimately turn on you. My protection reaches far and wide. Do not grow a hard heart over this. I am replacing the void with healthy vines that will attract and pull towards you the right people. Break the habits that are keeping you bound. The New Awaits you!”

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