• MaryEllen McCloud

February 20, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Your opinions close your eyes and ears to My Truths. Just as the religious minds felt they had everything figured out, they rejected My Son completely to continue walking in their darkness. How can I correct your flawed thoughts and beliefs when you refuse to let them fall to the ground? I can send you one thousand messengers and you will reject all of them. Be wise not to fall into a slumber. Speak a sober mind over your days. Guard your tongue lest it cause you to fall into the pit.

I will not shout over your opinions. When things continue to go in the wrong direction, I expect you to come to a full stop and seek My Voice once more. My true servants are not push overs. They will not back down and follow your voice instead. They will not bend their knee to your belief system. I will not allow you to shake them nor harm them. When you reject them, you are doing the same unto Me. Some choices may not be undone.”