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February 2, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Consider the next four months your time of full awakening. The sleepy parts, which have kept you stuck, are breaking free making way for revelation to come forth. How you see things will be shifting to give you My Perspective. Even the smallest amount of deception can steer you off course. I am taking you beyond your human reasoning in these months. What you thought is getting My adjustment into Truth. Do not forsake My Teachings for the death that the world would convince you of is sure to derail your life.

You believed there was only one way to see that situation, but I am showing you what you did not know or understand. There is nothing that escapes My watchful eye. Open your mind as I bring you into a new place in your relationships even. It is time to remove the mind of assumptions and unending opinions. I will not shout over what you have already determined is the correct answer. Be moldable in My Hands. You can only go so far under your own power. Allow Me to show you the right way.”

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