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February 18, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “You are My Carriers of all that I have for mankind. Stop and think for a moment. Does not all of creation flow around humanity? What is happening in the Earth realm is front in center in My agenda. You are not step-children long forgotten about. You are My Very Beloved who I paid the debt in full to have with Me once again and forever. Release the thoughts that you must still grovel before Me.

What still troubles your heart? I have not asked you to be what you cannot. Instead I am raising you up to be what you already are and just do not fully know it yet! I am bringing out the rare gems and precious invaluable aspects of who you are and who you are to Me. You are not on a doomed mission, quite the opposite. Come closer for I have much to share that will take you beyond yourself. Refresh your mind and clear out the clutter. A busy mind can do you more harm than just allowing Me to walk with you in all situations.”


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