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February 14, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Even in your silence I can clearly hear your heart. You have been afraid to ask for More than what you believed was your portion thinking that this was enough. You have been told that your prize will be in Heaven alone. Child Hear Me! I am all about every day of your life, not just one day someday. I am doing a new work in your today’s first and foremost. To move into what I have, you must be willing to lay down the disappointments from long ago. It does not serve you to carry this any further.

What you allow to weigh you down will hold you back from the promises freely given to you by My hand. At the foundations did I create you as spirit. Think bigger about your life and not in context of perceived human limitations. You are spirit first with no limitations. You are created in My image. Did I give you even a sense of humor? Well then I must have a mighty one as well, so go ahead and use it. I prefer a smile over a frown.”


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