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February 10, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Be like a rubber band; Flexible, Moldable, Stretchable. But do not worry, I will not allow you to break. I instead will only allow you to get so far away from My Presence. As you go about your day, know that it is just a quick snap back to be in communion with Me. I can take anything less than My Best and turn it into an unimaginable beauty beyond words or comprehension.

I desire that you follow My lead and do not get too far ahead of Me. Even when you see where I am taking you, let Me show you the pace to move in. The Path is fully visible to Me, and I will keep you safe even when you believe that I must have left you. Never will that be the case. Do not discount the moments of today for there is much coming and going in your life. The Good is rising up in this hour and will overtake all that you have been waiting and longing for.”


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