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February 1, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Through Adam a Fallen World began. Through Christ all has been brought back to perfection. Even in the moments that you still see only the fall, I will show you the perfection in My Love and Care for you. I will set your feet upon My Rock and give you the Hope to move forward. I didn’t miss what happened, but I promise to build back what has been destroyed. You are never too far away to receive all that was bought for you.

No one ever says that they regret forgiving someone. Trust the process for I will take you to a place beyond your own ability. Even in this hour, the chains are falling. What was meant for evil is being destroyed and undone. Let My Rivers of Healing Waters flow in and all around. Make a choice not to revisit those pits of despair once more. Meditate on My abundance of peace that surpasses all understanding. I will bring purpose to your pain. I have released you from a debt and today let My Revelation fill your heart and mind as you become more like Christ and be forever changed by My Glory!”


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