• MaryEllen McCloud

December 25, 2019 Daily Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart. Sometimes you will have to stop to analyze what you are doing in your own efforts, even when it comes to trying to make the promises I have spoken come to pass. There are steps that must be made and jumping ahead will leave this incomplete. I prepare those that I have chose. Will you allow this process to come fully upon you? What you will not yield to will delay or revoke this path that I ordained.

In the Process of the Becoming, there are times that you will have to grow into, stretch into, and become into what you are called to do and be. There are some callings that are just natural fits and ones that you will rise up to. Do not allow frustration to set in during your moments of increase. Season to season will rapidly change and you will have to be aware of the quick shifts to stay with the flow into tomorrow. Do not become complacent where you are because I have never called you to stay still permanently.”