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December 24, 2019 Daily Prophetic Word

The Lord says,“What you will not comprehend during your waking days, I give you in your sleeping hours. What you cannot conceive of with your eyes open, I will put in your spirit while your eyes are shut. I have more than one way of speaking to you. In fact, you may just find that My Voice is always speaking in big, as well as, small ways. Take the time to seek Me and you will find Me waiting in our secret place. I hide mysteries just for you to seek out.

A Fresh Beauty is coming to you straight from Heaven. The ashes of yesterday are being swept away. What did not produce for My Glory will be brought back to life once more. Find that this time around, your motives have shifted where once you acted out of your own interests, but now you see things from a new perspective. What you do unto yourself will reap nothing but sorrow. Looking back to the past is a fruitless endeavor. I will heal what still pulls at your mind and heart. I will answer the unanswerable questions and renew your steps once more.”

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