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December 23, 2019 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Be watchful for your time is on the horizon. No more waiting and no more delay. It is already on the calendar. Repayment for years of loss are being restored to you. I have kept track of the big and small setbacks. Even when you forgot, I was faithful to keep good records. You will not experience lack. Celebrate for others just as much as you will for yourself. A joyful heart attracts more right back.

The pitfalls before you are revealed long before you get to those points. Be sure to not let distractions take your focus off of where you are going. There will be a pulling to get you to choose another direction. Even the most meaningful people can be your greatest stumbling block. You can please man and suffer at those choices. I desire that you avoid such agony. The pace is picking up. Soon you will be running and unstoppable. Take My Hand with full trust in where I will lead you.”

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