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March 1, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “I am shifting your focus in this hour to notice that you are walking on water. Many are believing that they are sinking to the depths of the ocean. Would I allow you to do that? In this season, it is even more imperative that you see through the smoke screen, look behind the mirror’s reflection, and believe in a God who can make all things possible on your behalf. You are not in grade school. You have graduated into maturity in Me. Stand for what you know to be truth. If you lack wisdom, I will surely provide those that seek Me out.

You will find more and more people see your Light burning brighter deep within you. Even in moments that you were not thinking about being My Light, nonetheless, people will take notice. The lost world is craving what you have and looking in the wrong places to find nothing long-lasting. You have the keys to My Kingdom and soon you will be handing them out to millions as My unified Bride. Stand and be Counted before Me. I will use even the least of you to accomplish the impossible that is only done through My Spirit.”

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