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December 17, 2019 Daily Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “There are new streams that have started out as just a trickle. As you seek out to quench your thirst, you will see that these waters become raging rivers that will carry you downstream. Do not get overwhelmed or fight against the currents. In the process, you will be washed clean from all of the debris that has built up in your life. Clogged pipes will do you no Good and will continue to block My flow in your life. Allow Me to have the final say over matters that still upset you.

The next major intersection is coming up. You will not miss the turn because I will set up a roadblock in all directions that are not for you. Recognize this in the moment lest you become frustrated. Your freedom and days of prosperity are in this new path. Many will see the roadblock and think they are to chisel away at it. My Yoke is Easy and Burden is Light. Remember that before you dig out your construction tools without My direction. You are made for More and this is your season to have long-awaited promises fulfilled. I am guiding your path.”

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