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August 9, 2022 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “You cannot please the masses so no longer spend your energy there. If everyone is agreeing with you, you may just find that this is the wrong direction. Against the grain and with mighty friction will you pave the way for those lost to find the Light. Do not discount your importance. There are assignments that only you were created to complete. You have what is necessary and will find a Crown awaiting you.

There is a humbling of the proud around you in this hour. Those that were smug in your presence will find a new vantage point from the ground as they look up to see what I am doing in your life. Those that belong to the father of pride will be cast out until they repent before My Throne. I will allow the darkness to keep their eyes shut and the ears numb. My Verdict has fallen. Two seasons will pass before I reveal Myself to them again. I Am the Lord your God!”


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