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August 7, 2022 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Let My Love for you Change your very being! I have promised that you will enjoy how your journey turns out. I see it all and I cannot lie. Before there was need for an angelic army, I created one. I have foreseen all that you would come across in your yesterday’s, today’s, and beyond. Do you trust Me? I can steer your ship against any current or winds. I can make the illogical be the path of your deliverance.

Find that your heavenly experiences are suddenlies with answered prayer upon answered prayer that becomes your cornerstone for the next movement of My Spirit over your life. You are being promoted in ways unseen but you will shine brighter than a diamond as you are uncovered from years of being hidden. You have honored Me in the little and the much. Your rewards and Favor are upon you in this season! Do not lose your crown during the enemy’s pushback. Keep moving forward.”


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