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April 9, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “My Throne Room is open. The Veil was Torn over 2000 years ago. Many hold onto religious beliefs that there must be a complicated process to speak with Me. Find that today, I will override your mindset. I have much to discuss and nothing will stay in the way of our communion. Be one who looks for our interactions. Do not allow the routine of life to overshadow our relationship. I am lifting you up out of the situations you find yourself repeating over and over. There are patterns you have allowed to take over in life. I want you to see a new perspective as I show you a better way. The path is becoming straight with deep revelation. Take the time to be present in your own coming and goings. You cannot continue on in a sleepy slumber. Be on purpose and deliberate for the Kingdom. What was not seen will soon be seen with clarity. Wash off the dust.You are coming into divine increase.”


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