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April 5, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “Are you still trying to walk on water? What if I said you were capable of walking on Air instead. Is there anything impossible in reality, if you are Mine? You limit what you think a natural world will allow. Since I created it all, I can surely go against the laws that you feel subject to. Consider yourself free of what has been holding you back. Walk with your hands ready. I will be dealing with those that rose up to mock you. The Scales are Balancing in this hour. Justice is in My Hands. I want you to look onward not to what I am doing in these matters. Forgive and keep your head held high. This is what will honor Me most. Be part of the Greater that I am doing all around the world. Walking in the negative will rob you of My Glory that inhabits everything near and far. You are not defeated even on your worst day. Know who you are in Me and you will dance no matter which way the wind blows.”


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