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April 30, 2020 Prophetic Word

The Lord says, “During polishing, the Brilliance can come forth. Many resist this part as it removes aspects that they were comfortable in keeping around. My Light will shine through the new clarity with Glory not known to you before. You must decide to not stay stagnate and desire the Magnificent plan that I have promised. Only you can succeed or walk away by what you choose. Life is more than your natural eyes can behold or understand. See your life in its entirety. Your spirit carried your essence before I placed you in the womb. Your journey did not begin as a human nor will it end as one. Discover who you truly are apart from you can see with the natural eye. I have taken care of you since the foundations and I will not stop. I am not grading your performance. I love you so! Receive and Believe! Choosing a path that seems more suitable to your flesh will lead to death. The enemy is lying in wait in places I have not sent you to. See past the smokescreen.”


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